Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm Not Her

I'm Not Her is a novel written by Janet Gurtler.

Kristina is is not the same person as her sister. In fact, Kristina could be the complete opposite. She is the sporty one, the popular one and the beautiful one. Her life is seemingly perfect. That is, until she gets cancer in her knee. It is now Tess, Kristina's younger sister, that everyone is interested in. She suddenly becomes popular after years of being a 'nobody'. Boys like her. She starts to like boys. Her first date, her first kiss, loss of a friend, ect. The day that Tess's older sister, Kristina, got cancer, was the day that Tess's life changed forever.

I got this book in a contest and from first glance thought it would be about a girl trying to live up to be another girl. Probably some teen romance.

I was right on one account, but not on the other. Although this book has some romance within it, it is, more-or-less, about the sisterly bond between Tess and Kristina and how they come to cope and deal with everything happening.

I stopped reading this book around page 88 the first time I picked it up. I figured, 'hey, I don't like crying like an idiot in the car ride just from reading a book.' This book hit home hard. It was realistic with the family problems and everything else that I saw playing over those pages. So, of course, I had to keep reading the book and I was glad I did. I would almost call it inspiring, but I won't.

Although it's a great book with lovely writing, it's a story we have all heard before, just with a new cover and different details. It's the classic sibling gets sick, unpopular sibling has to deal with it and goes through shit. Badabling, badaboom. If you aren't for the touchy stuff like that, I wouldn't recommend it. If you are, go for it.

Personally, I liked the book and I'm not complaining about it even though it had tears pouring down my face most of the time. It was great.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

I asked my mom for a burger and this is what she got me. A hamburger cake.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What if red ran out

The other night while eating dinner, my mother aksed, "What if red ran out?" Natrally, she explained why she asked before we could even answer. It ends up that it's the title of a poetry book by Katia Grubisic.

Personally, I wonder what it means by 'what if red ran out', but it's a poery book, so you can't really expect it to make too much sense. But it got me thinking nonetheless. What's red?


What if all of that just vanished? We would die, of course. People can't live without blood! And red means blood, and without red, we are without blood.

So if red ran out, we would all die. TA-DA!


Friday, January 21, 2011

All photo credit should go to myself, just because, well, I took the picture. Just saying.

Currently, there is snow on the ground, so this picture could be counted as misleading, but those leaves are real and from sometime earlier when I could still go outside without a sweater on without freezing to death!

Been an off-season for my blogging and such, maybe it's school, maybe it's my exams next week. Maybe it's my playing of flute recently. Seriously, as a flute-player, I often find myself lightheaded; bringing on less thought process and getting lazier and not comprehending simple things.

Perhaps it's having a boyfriend? Maybe it's that the girl I have been calling my sister who had been living in my house is going back to her original country, not sure. All I know is that I am tired for once.
It's a funny occurrence, actually. I had never been tired last year, but then again, I only got up around 9 am last year, this year is three hours earlier and staying up until the dead hours of night trying to get to sleep or listening to silly, teen (well, Shannon) music. Mom says I may have a low Iron level, but whatever.

Now here is what I have done for fun as a rebellious teenager in past not so far away. Math. Pthhhbbtthth. I take that and BANG! But anyway, other hobbies include the brand new and flourishing knitting of a blue scarf. I believe the pattern turned out to be knit 9 rows, pearl 1. Looks good so far, should be putting up pictures if I ever finish it!

Regardless, I'm tired as nothing else. I feel like a sloth.


Call of the Wild

Recently, I have been listening to Call of the Wild on my ipod while riding the bus to and fro from school. The book was written by Jack London.

At first, I didn't really get it, but then realised that it was all about this one dog: Buck. Now, At times, I would be sitting there wringing my hands in anticipation of what would happen next, but then have to get off the bus to go to class or something silly like that. Or perhaps it would be my friend started to talk to me, so I would press pause and wind up my headphones again, and wait until I could listen to it next.

It had taken a little time to get into the writing style, but I'm thinking I'll go back and listen to it again to pick up all the details I missed, but I can tell you one thing, I loved this one sled dog that Buck was put into a group with. Buck being a dog himself, he was large and with an unbreakable spirit. Personally, my favourite dog from it all was Dave, what with him being so relaxed and to himself, he reminded me of my friend's dog who I had adored.

All together, I liked the book and would have possibly wanted to have seen more violence, but that's just me. Again, this would be a book challenge book! I give it a good thumbs-up and can't wait to get my hands on a paper copy.