Friday, April 30, 2010

Wreck More Journal

This is my book. Plain and simple, I love it, nothing else need be said in this case. You can only look with the eye to see what has really been done to it, I could try to describe my book but that would not do it justice in the slightest way, no, not at all. So, here, I give you a picture... of my book. And let me add, I have wrecked this journal. The journal you see on the left is the one I gave to my friend for her birthday soon after I bought it and took this picture. Now, the journal on the right would be mine. You are asking yourself right now if that is a real hole in it, right? It is. I decided my journal was too hard to carry around, so my dad and myself drilled a hole in it. On one page it does say, after all, "cut through multiple layers"... I hope I didn't take it too literally.
There are others things I have done to this simple journal that I received on my birthday as a gift from my mom and... destroyed within a few days. As you might be able to see right here, there are band aids on the cover of my journal, they also move to the back of it due to the... let's call it an "injuries" which my journal has come to be involved in. It was quite fun though, I mus admit. My friends and myself were tossing my journal around during school, throwing across the classroom, chucking at the brick walls and throwing it high up into the air and trying to catch it, you know, being kids. It was really fun, but it did result in my journal's back cover and pages ripping off, thus come the band aids. Dora and Hello Kitty ones mainly.
On the back of the book is one of my favourite instructions of the whole things. "Tape this journal closed. Mail it to yourself." How fantastic is that? I would simply love to see the look on the mailman's face when he saw that. His eyes would be a bit wider than usual and his head would be at this different angle. It would be great.
However, I hope this book will last me a while, which, well, it is because... I haven't even got a lot of pages done, I am trying though, filling it in slowly and steadily, wrecking it bit-by-little-bit. Everything must be done destructively and creatively. So, it's fun.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Babble


I know this will happen to us all every once in a while, but you freak out at a book and say something like, "No. No, you can not do that. No, they will not die. No! This can't be right! I don't accept this at all!" And then you put the book down and give it dirty looks. Sometimes you even complain to the book, make faces at it or other, evil things when you do not enjoy the part. I, in knowing of how people react to books, do this all the time. Crying in class is a common one for me, grinning, smiling, laughing, snickering and the works of emotion.

What brought about my thought on the matter was my Mom. She reads, she quilts, she does everything, even stops a book while listening to the reading of it and complains to me about how the main character can not die. I'm just a kid, and, yeah, she says it to me. I understand what she means though, you can't kill a main character off when the book isn't even close to ending. Well, unless it's Catching Fire or The Hunger Games, those books have to kill off people. Well, kids... Anyway.

My Mom was chatting on-and-on about this one girl in her book who was supposedly going to die, but it turned out that she didn't die! How did we even guess that might be the outcome? Books are just twisting and turn in every direction, messing with you and sucking you in. Isn't it awesome?


Friday, April 23, 2010


Around the beginning of Fang I was all like, "ROTFLOL!" Then in the middle of the book I was all like, "OMFG!" Then at the end of the book... I was all like, *DEADPAN*.

Fang, the most recent installment of the Maximum Ride book series. With the flock building up over the past few books we come to meet the six winged children. Max, Iggy and Fang, being the oldest. Nudge being next, then Gasman and Angel. In this book the flock has expended with the talking dog, Total who has his own pair of wings and love interest, Akila. There is also Max's mom, and Jeb, the scientist who raised the six kids in the flock.

Now, in this one, more trouble happens when Max goes to save the world, one person at a time. With trying to save people in Chad Africa, meeting Dylan (the newest, teen, hunky, eye-candy, winged kid), The seeming kind Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen, Fang and Angel's new feelings and fleeing, and a crazy trip to Las Vegas, the flock has to deal with all sorts of new things that are wild and dangerous.

Like the rest of the books in the series, I was very fond of this one, especially the newest character. A sweet, hunky teen who could possibly be described as the single hottest guy on earth. (Why must all the good ones be fictional?) And his name is Dylan. The heart-throb came now into the flocks life, created just for Max to become an item with, but, Mac still loves Fang.

So, I thought this was a good book, really sucked me into it, had me crying, again, like usual. But the ending, OHHHHHH the ending. A cliff hanger brought on by one of my favourite characters ever! They just went up and-- Oh, wait, I shouldn't ruin it for you.

Really, you should read the series sometime, it is excellent. Check it out at

Enjoy, I know I did.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is the thing that has come into my household, took a dump on my Guitar Hero Guitar, left a brown gift on the carpet in my room, slobbered everywhere, ripped up some of my favourite things, driven me to the edge of insanity and back again... This is Atreyu. My dog.

No more words can be used to describe him exactly, he is a ball of fur, whining and horrible annoyance. You could call him a dog. You could name him to be a faithful companion. You could address him as a great change to our house and lives. You could just as easily call him the most annoying pet to have ever lived. Yet we love him, still. I don't get it either.
Now, this is what he has done.

See the scene of horror that was my desk, my lovely, organized, untouched which I am avoiding the use of it until cleaning and fixing of my poor, loved, broken tea cup. It was innocent, and pink.
I thought the Caution Tape ironically appropriate for that which happened. This was indeed a scene of crime.

The dog also targeted my door, the very door that leads into my room.

I, personally, love my door and the decoraions on it, but I do have to admit, this just added a certain look I liked to it. The Caution Tape on my door was ripped roughly around where there is the door knob. My Dad went to rip it off and throw it out, but I was like, "No! Leave it." So, yeah.

That's what happened.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pepsi+Coca Cola+2 Computers+Kellie+YouTube

An update on the regular life and such would be what I did today. I did nothing really special. Well, not special to you, but awesome for me. I got to finally see my close friend, Kellie. It has been far too long since I last saw her, New Years. But, New Years was a whole different story. (One that includes pulling an all-nighter and Ghetto Mario games)

This time I arrived at Kellie's house to her complaining about the cold air, and not too later after I compared my head to air as, "my head is about as airy as the oxygen in the air." So, of course, Kellie responded with, "there is oxygen in the air?" At that point, I burst out laughing.

Now, I had brought 'Smart Cookies' which were ironically named because Kellie couldn't fit hers into the glass, so could not dunk it in her milk. Where as I had already broke my cookie and had therefor drained my glass of milk and demolished the poor cookie. Did I mention the cookies were on sticks? That was awesome. (My mom bought them earlier that day)

So with our cookies finished, we played Roller Coaster Tycoon 3... and let the ride go flying off the rails into the sky, ponds, and pavement. It was all around amusing and had us laughing until we were breathless. Then it was onto making Sims on her version and creating a very nice Bio for one of them. It was based around having a very complicated relationship with her Boyfriend.

Now, as I write, Kellie is tuning her guitar, which is odd because there is no sixth string on it. Before such events, we were listening to YouTube songs and videos, making random comments and laughing a lot. I mean a lot.

Kellie's laptop then just decided to... die on her while she was having a serious conversation about badgers, and it shut off because of her crappy music. (Plus her crappy guitar playing) So then it was up to me to find the crappy song and play it on the other computer. Here is the song -- Very random, I know.

Next to happen, of course, involved the 2L bottle of Coca Cola. Kellie couldn't open it no matter how hard she tried, so I grabbed it, opened it. She asked if I was going to pour the Coke for her, too. So, obviously, I did that next. Her expression was priceless, but then we burst out laughing, once again. But we did not spill the Coke.

Afterward came the snapping contest between Kellie and myself while listening to Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Obviously Kellie won. I am horrible at snapping, couldn't do it to save my own hat.

Now to end this ever-so-long-and-ever-so-excruciatingly-long Blog Post.

What the... How the... Screw it.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Read, Remember, Recommend For Teens

My mom recently aquired a new book, Read, Remember, Recommend which is the adult form of the book, I too, just got. Mine is titled Read, Remember, Recommend For Teens. I've been going through and checking off all the books from the lists that I own, want to read, and have read.

This is the book I got --->
It is red, I like that colour. Well, looks pink in the picture, but is infact red. I also noticed that I have seen Twilight, the vampire book sweeping across teen reading lists everywhere, is all over the lists in this book.
There are three little check boxes in the book for each title. Own,as in you own the book; Recommended, as in you recommend other people should read it; To read, to show you are reading, want to read or have read the book; want, as in you want to have the book, get it, or buy it.
Now, for Twilight, I could only check off the 'own' and 'to read' collums. I have read it, but will not recommend it to anyone. Ever. I shall explain that in a later post when I get into reviewing books.
But, back on topic, this book has a contest to go along with it. And get this, it's all about reading. How easy could it get?! Well, you just sign up, read as many book in a year and blog about them, and you could win some cool prizes. So, yeah, I'm signing up currently, and I think my mom did already. I can't wait to start reading the books. blogging and checking them off!
This, would be my sign-up post, incase you're curious as to what the nature of it is.
Here is the site where I signed up:
My mom is going to teach me some cool coding thing how to make that look better later >.> As of now I shall read on and post!
That's all for now, and if you have good recommendations for books, just leave me a post at the bottom of this!

Married at 14

This--is my wife and I. We got engaged a while back during November of 2009, we got married not too long after. People have asked me if I really do 'turn that way' but honestly, got no clue. You see, love is a silly, little thing that I have no appreciation for yet. My wife is my wife. An inside joke that I should share on how it happened.
That's her blog! Yeah, that one. I couldn't figure out it was at first, but then I payed actual attention to it. Blanking out on my part. Great.
Anyway, she reads the same books as me, dresses a bit like me, and we can talk on-and-on for a while. So one day when she was telling me about some book, I got down on one knee and grasped her hand and asked her, out of the blue, if she would marry me. She graciously enough said yes. It was a wonderful day in my life, I finally have a wife. (Which will keep away those guys who are all like, "Hey, wanna go out?" "Nope, I have a wife." A great bonus.)
We both have rings, an engagement one and a wedding one. We've gone to the movies together a few times, which I don't find awkward at all. The first time was on a Sunday, I think, and the mall was empty afterward. With an empty mall, her an myself, and her i-pod, we strutted around the mall, i-pod on full blast while we sung to the song. It was that one "I wanna hippopotamus for Christmas!" So much fun. I'm not sure if anything can compare to it.
Now, the picture above is a bit old, from when we were in a musical mash-up together. Since then she got new streaks in her hair, and I chopped all of mine off, but that's for another story.
So, enjoy your day and may you find the true meaning to life.

Dangerous Doors

Simply lovely. Absolutely terrific. Wonderfully awesome. I don't even believe myself at times when these things happen.

A door walked into me. I didn't walk into it.

No, really, I'm not kidding. I was just coming in from outside time at my school (Let's just call it HickTown Public) and the craziest, but not unexpected, thing happened. I was walking through the hall and the gym door comes swinging open and nails me right in the face, my glasses went flying off along with my hat.

The kid who shoved the door open was like, "Oh, I'm sorry, oh, are you okay? You alright?" So I just picked up my hat and continued down the hall, trying to get the taste of blood out of my mouth. (I had bitten my tongue, not pleasant in the least) I went to the bathroom to asses damage that had been done, my forehead was the main target that time. My nose had been spared, at least for now.

All was good and fine, went back to class to eat, you know, the usual, all the girls asking, "OMG! Are you, like, okay?! Like, that was, like... a really LOUD noise! Like, it, like, sounded like it would have, like, hurt!" So I just told them it was fine, the noise was quieter than the pain, yadda yadda.

But the thing that got me down about this was when I texted my mom to come and get me (Never let an excuse like this slip through your fingers when you have the chance to leave early). She arrived with Atreyu (My dog, shall blog of him soon with picture) and was in the office while Trey (What we call my dog most times) scarffed down all the treats Mrs.Sour (Secratery) had in there. Cheers for Trey!

Those two were talking, mom and Mrs.Sour, and they said, "Oh, you don't need to go home, you just need ice for that." Basically, my plan of going home was gone, I ignored the ice and sat there, finishing a math test for the rest of the day. Jolly good fun.

Anyway, enjoy your day, that's all I have to rant about on this matter.

Wreck My Journal

Alright, my mom got me a journal for my Birthday. Pretty wicked one, too, if I do say so myself. Within 5 days I had used it for the purpose of which it was created. To destroy. For the quote from the very title page of the book is 'To create is to destroy'. I should add here that I do totally agree with that quote.

Now, to the right you see my journal. My mom put a sticker on the front because... There is a page in which it tells you to... doodle over the cover page... and I just can't being myself to do such a horrible deed. No book should be harmed in such a way! The thought bring tears to my eyes, even.

But, alas, the other things that have happened to it are far worse, and I do say this from deep in my heart and soul. I have set my goal to destroy this book so creatively that people will shrivel out of pure terror and possibly even pity my book. Now, I'm not saying I'm cruel. Just creative.

Now, I haven't blogged in a while, and, well, my mom has been blogging about this on her blog, so she said I should take it over. So I am. Pretty wicked, huh? But, yeah, I shall blog more, I swear to it!

So, great wishes for you all to be well, and I have no school today!