Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simply the scariest day of my life.
So people think it's an easy way to go, but let me tell you now: It's not.
Taking a leap from such a small area and going into something far larger in size is horrifying.

In other words, I don't want to do it. People have said I will be fine. People who have gone through the same thing say I will love it. Parents tell me I will adapt. Other parents tell me of the worst that could happen. The support isn't very good, and the comments are only mildly encouraging.

No, I don't want to take a step forward in my life. No, I don't want to grow up. No. No, no, no. I want to stay exactly where I am, and be happy right here. Right where no one can touch me. I'm in my safe house and putting it into lock down so I never have to leave it. Don't you people understand what I'm trying to say? You don't. No one does.

I don't want to go.

To go and walk the short walk of doom down the descending staircase and past the closed doors and constant watching eyes of those surrounding my destination. Even when I'm there, I won't be alone. For there are other just like myself dreading this day, or maybe they're celebrating it. I can only imagine how it would be to feel good about the horror coming.

But there is no escape.
I'm stuck going to high school after all.
This sucks.


Sunday, September 5, 2010


Graceling. A book by Kristin Cashore.
What is a graceling? I is someone who has been graced. Say you are graced with cooking, you would be an exceptional cook. Say you are graced with speed, you may be able to run faster than a cheetah. Or suppose you have been graced with the skill of killing.

Meet my new friend Katsa. Ever since the age of eight-years-old when she killed a man, that has become her reputation. Being a niece of the King, she went to live with him and became his "Lady Killer".

Katsa would be sent out on errands by her uncle to deal with people who did not comply with him, pay him or give him what he had demanded. All in all, Katsa did his dirty work, and got her killer reputation from it. Almost no one would dare look into her eyes. Strange thing about those who are graced, their eyes never match in colour.

Things start to change in Katsa's life when she rescues someone from another kingdom. The grandfather of the royal family who live on a far away island. Soon after taking him back to the kingdom where Katsa resides with her uncle, the King, a Prince from the island kingdom visits. Though Prince Po was looking for his grandfather and didn't know he was safe with Katsa, he remained in the castle. Prince Po had a fighting grace and decidedly to stay to train with Katsa.

Soon, their relationship grows, and they set off to find who had kidnapped the grandfather in the first place.

The story progresses into an adventuresome tale as Katsa and Prince Po set off, finding trouble, Kings and Princess Bitterblue. With anther rescue at their hands, Katsa and Prince Po's relationship takes twist and turns, but eventually settles. The question is, does it settle happy, or not?

All in all, I enjoyed the book. It was a big 500 pages, but they flew by quickly while I was caught up in the story. I read it mostly in the car with my ipod glued to my ears. Any break I could take after that, I would read it.

I found it an exciting read, filled with adventure and surprises that you just KNOW are coming. I was gasping and leaping off the sofa to point at the book and say, "I knnnewww it! I KNEW IT!"

But the odd thought kept scratching at the back of my mind. I had kept thinking, through the whole book, that Katsa's name was actually 'Kasta'. Silly me.

So really, I enjoyed it and would suggest it to everyone! It's also a book from my book challenge, which is a bonus on this awesome book. Not too much romance, but I think that's a plus.

And, I just cannot wait to read the book that comes after it!