Monday, November 23, 2009


Greetin's ya'll.

Ah have now chosen a topic for mah Independent Study at mah 'special school' (Accordin' ta other people, tha's wha' it's called) So ah chose somethin' fun an' somethin' ah love!


Do yah read me? Ah have chosen a totally awesome topic. Do yah agree? If so, comment sayin' yah do, or anythin' ah could study up on with colours.

Now if yah think this is the most idiotic thin' yah have ever herd someone (In this case, read) say! Tell mah an' maybe suggest a better topic. Bring it on.

'Til next!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Now ah know wha' yer thinkin'. Flowers? Wha'bout flower? Who would care enough 'bout some plant ta blog 'bout it, eh? Well, ah am! It's as simple as 1, 2, 4. Seriously.

Yah see, mah da', mah mum, and me were all walkin' down our small little town which the cones come ta, when wes saw some paintin's! Theys had flowers on them, real pertty ones ta boot. There was a lady at the door of the house, an' she shouted ta us, "They're free if you want them!" So ah was all like, "Woo!"

So me and mah mum took the best two and walked home like tha'. With paintin' in our hands, ah was in P-J's, an' drinkin' a bottle of Coca-Cola, and then mah da' was walkin' the dog. Quite a sight, don't yah think? ( =

Right nowt the paintin's are in our talkin' room, waitin' for me ta fid 'em a place to hang! They're pretty awesome!

'Til next.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


He topped his head with his hat and buttoned up his coat. It was indeed a dark and stormy night. He smiled to himself as he walked down the side of the road, kicking aside the leaves as he went. All had went smoothly, and exactly how he had been planning it. Well, not actually perfect as he had thought it had been. He had left one fatal telling of the deed he had been doing up at the mansion.
The body was still there.

There be the first of mah story tha' ah'm writin' for tha' writers month thin'! Ah hope it'll turn out good.

'Till next.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's here...

The time is finally come to now.
You ready for the scariest day of all?
Did you get your costume yet?
Still time to visit the mall.
Do you really think your ready?
Or will all the fright get to you?
You could hide from it for the whole time.
Maybe even lock yourself in the lou.
Is that the true spirit of Halloween though?
I think you know it's not.
So I say you should stick around for the entire show.


Nation Novel Writers Month.

From the day of November 1st ta the day of November 30th, ah shall be locked away, and typin' on mah trusty laptop, Nevil. Ah may keep updates for y'all on how mah story is comin' along, maybe not, maybe ah'll just be too busy to even blog! Tha' would be terrible though! Ah'm already plottin' somethin' awesome in mah head for this thin'. It shall go down in history!

Maybe mah book will be published! Ah'll have ta come up with some amazin' twists and characters. Ah may actually not put in mah favourite character of all time though. Jason Miller. Bwahahahahaha! T'is mah favourite character tha' ah have ever made up. He's tha' bad guy tha' carries around a baseball bat! ( =

Ah guess y'all will jus' have ta wait an' see how this all turns out! Maybe ah'll put some of my story on the blog for y'all ta see how ah write, an' so y'all can tell meh how much ah suck at writin'! Woo!

'Til next!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine-Flu Soup~

Comin' ta y'all from someone who is totally infected! Maybe y'all will catch the piggy decease like ah did. Maybe not, fer yer sake, ah hope not. Ah do admit tha' ah made alot of jokes aboot this Swine Flu thin', ah didn't take it seriously one bit. At least ah don' have ta get the shot for it now!

On Thanksgivin', yah know, tha' holiday where yah and yer family all gather 'round a table an' eat turkey! Yeas, ah find it odd too. Eatin' turkey, the only real meat where yah HAVE ta sweeten it with some cranberry sauce, how lame eh? Yeah, we sure do some odd thin's here in this country.

Sos, anyway. We had all o'mah family over for dinner (So, jus' mah cousins) an' since we had all had us some turkey all the other days, we had some pork instead. So ah was survin' up some slices of Swine Flu for everyone there. Sent 'em all laughin' like crazy when ah said tha'!

So ah'm guessin' this is revenge for not takin' it seriously. Ah came down with some Swine Flu y'all!

So stay away from my Swine Flu stew.
Or any other piggy goo.
It's not really fun, so you better run,
when a piggy starts chasin' you!

'Til next! Let's hope I live for y'all so ah can keep up the blogs!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


you look up to the white board, ready to take notes, but there isn't anything written there to take notes on. There is only one thing on the board you can see. Your eyes go wide with surprise at what is written. You hear laughing from beside you. You look to the desk beside you to see Shannon laughing like she had seen the funniest thing of her life. You look back to the board to make sure you read it right.

In big red letters you see...


How awesome, eh?

Textin' in class-SIN

Wow-wee! Such it is, quite terrible actually. Who knew yah would have yer cell phone in class! Wha' a tragic thin' ta keep in yer Wee-little pocket while yer teacher is talkin'. Then if it rings...Yer screwed! Bu' the thin' tha' happened in mah class was jus' epic!

Okay, so we was all sittin' against the wall for a stranger drill, yah know, where a strange person comes inta yer school? Well, this was jus' a practice! So don't fret kiddies.

Well, it was Dylan's cell tha' went off durin' this. Boris found it on the floor, an' he thought it was our teachers cell. So he wen' an' put the cell ON the TEACHER'S desk!

So when the drill was over, she saw it and read the message, it was from Dylan's ol' Giiiirrrrrl ffrrriieennddd. So our teacher actually texted her back! On his cell! It was bloody hilarious!

'Til next y'all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

FootBall Fail~

In Gym class on Friday mah team was me, two othah girls, an' a guy who was good at catchin' the football. Our usual arguer o' the team, Callum, whom was also pertty good at football wasn't there, an' neither was our captain. So it was the four of us an' we was against a team of four people. Four GUYS might ah add. One was tha' tall ginger, another was the short athletic kid, then the really short gymnast an' then just the odd one. Yeah. Can yah guess the score?

0 - 35

Guess who won! Tha's right! They did! We didn't even get one touchdown. We gained 7 yards throughout the whole class of 30min, an' tha' was on our first play.

It was epic though, and ah'm not complainin'. It was jus' awesome. Maybe mah teams won't lose on Monday? Doubt it. It's fun anyway. The best part is all the arguing though, so wha' ever.

Enjoy 'til next.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rape in History Class?

Well, yah see, it was a normal history class, an' Mr.Lambert was writtin' some stuff on the board. Wha' causes conflicts often. So he was makin' the list...

~~~~Causes of Conflict~~~~

  • Disagreement
  • Religion
  • Money
  • Anger
  • Resources
  • Sex (>?_?<) -Even the Question Monster is baffled-
  • Land
  • Opinions
  • Power
  • Rights
  • Change
  • Beliefs

Ah was jottin' down the notes, an' ah saw 'SEX' on the board. Ah glanced at mah teacher. He had tha' straight face like usual. We were all like skickerin' an' gigglin'. So he turned to us an' ah put up mah hand. "Why did you put sex on the board?"

He answered in the most simple way he could have... "Well, sex causes a lot of conflicts..."

Tha' just sent the class laughin' like crazy. after tha', everythin' in tha' class just sounded like rape. Ah'm not even kiddin'.

In the book, it was explainin' the different ways conflicts could be resolved. An' for 'accommodation resolution' it said: 'The conflict is resolved when one person gives into the other person(s) and does what they want ever if it may not be pleasant or they may be angry about it, but they do not show how they really feel about what is happening.' Now don't tha' sound like rape ta yah? It does ta me!

Wells, tata! Tha' was a pertty random thin' ta talk about, but it was hilarious!

'Til next!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

<(?_?<) Question Monster

Would y'all like ta know how The Question Monster came ta life?

The crowd calls out loudly, "No!"

Okay, okay. Yah don' have ta ask so loudly! Ah'd lurv ta tell y'all how he became wha' he is today.

Yah see, ah was playin' this weird game, and it's like text based. Called Castle Marrach. ( = But, ah typed this one word, an' it came up as some random word tha' ah didn't



Yeah, tha's the story. So, if yah can see the list at the side... So the right... No! Your other right... Yes, okay, yah got it. Well, the list of words for The Question Monster to eat. If yah know what any of those words mean, comment on this entry, type the word, then describe what it means to me. ( =

P.S. If yah wouldn't mind using small words in your explanation...tha' would be awesome. ( = Ah'm just not the brightest blueberry in the patch... an' ah have been told tha' many times... by unnamed people (Dakota) whom ah will not name (Dakota) 'cause ah wouldn't want people ta guess about who I'm not naming (Dakota) to be evil people...
~~No hard feelin's unnamed person (Dakota) Still lurv yah ( = ~~

'Til next!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ah noticed somethin' quite terrible last night after ah couldn't breath through mah nose... ah felt like ah was totally sick! But what ah realized is tha', walkin' your dog around town after it was rainin' on a cold-ish day in bare feet an' no sweater was NOT a good idea!

The other thing ah noticed was...Mah dog is awesome! 'Cause we totally walked ta the school, an' there is like this giant clock thing on the pavement, numbers an' all tha' we like, played games on when was little.

Well, mah dog went pee on the number 5! So ah was all like, "Dude! My dog can tell time!" So like, can y'all guess wha' time it was right then? Huh? Can yah? Ah bet yah can't!

The audience shouts out, "Was it 5O'clock?!"

I laugh at the bad guess.

No, it wasn't five PM, it was seven PM! = O No waayyy!!!

It may have been around seven PM here... But it sure was five Pm in Calgary! Yeah, mah dog is tha' amazin'! Your jealous!! Laughs out loud. Y'all knows ah'm just kiddin' with yah. Ah know none of yah would be jealous of me!

'Til next y'all

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Me And Emmas' Amazing Adventure~

One of mah more fun adventures took place this weekend, on Saturday. Yes, Saturday was the day of the...crime. The crime of havin' too much fun! Yay.

For yah see, ah went campin' with mah pal Emma. We went Friday night, and stayed 'til Sunday, which after we got home we saw us a movie. It was Fame, pretty good, sweet music.


Sos ah an' Emma decided to go for a little walk. Well, it wasn't that little... Let me tell this in first person, wills be lots more fun!

~Back To The Time Of Saturday Morning~

I stumbled through the woods, running after Emma. "Stop going so fast, Idiot!" I shouted at her. She just laughed and skipped on ahead of me, far ahead.

When I finally caught up and we both stopped for a breath, all you could hear was, "ATREYU! TREY, GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW!" It was my dad shouting at my dog because he must have ran after me and Emma. Just like the last time we went to take a "walk". We both looked at each other then we burst out laughing and skipped along the trail of rocks and made it to a new path.

We really followed the path for a bit but then Emma saw... a log! "Look! A river!" she called to me. I trotted over to see what the heck she was pointing at. It was like this swampy river thing, and there was a log fallen over it. So Emma stepped onto the log and crouched. Then she started to shimmy along it, real slow like. So I just walked down the river to go around and meet her on the other side.

"Where are you going?" she asked me as I walked across the end.

"Just coming the easy way, you know, you should come this way too instead of falling in the water." She just rolled her eyes at my warning and kept moving along.

But by the time she was half way across the log, I was waiting for her at the end of it. "Don't fall in, Emma. You wouldn't want to get wet, eh, Emma?" I said to her, really trying to male her fall in.

"Shut up, Shannon." I laughed and kept telling her to watch her step and to not fall in. But guess what happened kids?

'She fell in?' all the children in the audience ask on Que.

Indeed! She did! Well, more like stepped in. A branch she was holding broke, so she claimed to have stepped in the water instead of falling in, then crossed to where I was so I could taunt her and laugh at her for what she had done. Then I finished it off with the classical saying, 'I told yah so." That was just the perfect touch.

So we kept on walking and I took a nice look out over some rocks...but I couldn't find Emma. So I looked all over. "EEMMMMAAA!" I shouted. She called back so I ran along to her. We climbed down some rocks and I joked about how we were both going to get lost and not be able to find each other. but Emma would get home safe while I like fell off a cliff or something.

That was a little before we came to the very epic remains of a castle thing! It was like blocked off with some grates but that didn't keep us from jumping through some of the windows of it. We just kept hopping through the windows and found like this random little path thing. "Ohh! A wall, let's follow it, " Emma said so I just followed her.

We pushed the branched and stuff out of our way as we jugged along the never ending path of total shitty grass. But alas, we did get to a nice path. It was flat in the middle, and lined by trees. Didn't look very traveled though. 'Oh well,' we thought and just kept going on. Sadly we didn't know how long that path was going to be for us.

As we ventured through I got bored and started telling Emma all the stupid ways that I would die in the forest, and they all involved one character that we had made up before that haunts my every dream and nightmare. Jason. Also said, in jokes sake, since Jason lives in a cabin, we would go, "Oh look, a cabin!" It all was really fun though, and gave us something to do.

We came upon this like totally awesome cliff! So we like climbed up it, and as pointless as this is, we looked out, then climbed back down. "I'm gunna fall into you, Shannon! So hurry up, Stupid," Emma laughed. I just rolled my eyes and slid back down the steep hill. She followed close behind.

Just to point out, me and Emma always call each other stuff like, stupid, idiot, dunder head, ditz, bullok. Ect. But that's because we're such awesome friends. ( =

So as we trotted along, there was this path bellow us that we wanted to go on but then we would have had to go down like this wall of rocks that looked like a big drop... So we went down, jumped off the ledge actually. Landed safe, no need to worry (Doupt you would anyway) but yeah, we're safe still.

Then...Somehow we ended up a a river that we couldn't cross, so we went back, and forward...and in a few minutes were on the other side of the river...Had no real idea how that happened. But we did end up at another, smaller stone house thing...

We turned, but there was a fence blocking our way that we were later shown how to get around it anyway. So we kept walking and ended up in the town...

"Shannon, in her pyjamas and a hat, and me in my sweater, yoga pants and a soaking shoe...Not an odd scene at all, eh?" Emma said all like calm style, but we both ended up laughing. So we walked through town not getting too many stares, but walking straight, then taking a left until Emma pointed, "A sign!" So we ran along and followed the sing and eventually, after all my arguing, got back to camp only to find my mom sitting by the fire, knitting. How dramatic, eh?

They didn't even worry about us but me and Emma both agreed, 'no one else would be as stupid as us together to do that. We're so special!'

There is mah awesome campin' story y'all. Enjoy, there may be more comin' pretty soon! 'til next, have a good one.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


As ah have come ta find through the last few evil weeks, technology hates meh... Why it does, ah have no clue... But it does all the same. Why meh? Huh? Can't yah hate the Face of Death or Stinky instead? WHY MEH?! What have ah done ta deserve this?


Oh, stupid question... t(-_-t) "Forgive meh oh great computers..."

The poor DVD player, the colour printer...and tha' lonely little computer mouse, an' many others. They all suffered at the tip O'meh screwdriver an' other tools. As they now rest in pieces, we mourn their long, actually short, lives with tears of regret. They was beautiful machines an' shall be up in computer heaven.

So ah guess this would be pay back for the crimes ah have done... But why NOW of all times?! Geepers...

Anyways, 'til next... Well uh...if mah laptop, Nevil, actually lets meh get back onta meh blog again tha' is... We can hope eh? Catch y'all later!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ah wen' campin' on the weekend, an' guess wha'? Where ah was campin' they were actually filmin' the movie 'CampRock2'. Fun fun eh?

When we was walkin' along one of the paths, ah saw this awesome spot just filled with autumn coloured leaves...sadly...they was fake leaves. Ah had thought it was so pretty, until mah mumm pointed out they were fake. We grabbed a bunch of 'em anyway. Maybe ah can sell 'em on the inter-web for a bunch of money! If any of ya'll are interested in buying some, or jus' want some, tell meh. ( =

So ah am actually goin' back to tha' camp sire while they will be filmin'. Ah'll try ta get some pictures an' have some fun. Ah also wan'ta take ma friend, ah'm bribin' her with Oreo cookies.

So yeah, ah found it as quite strange ta find those leaves, but also pretty funny.

So yes, it was quite funny as ah found that fall had come early. lol.

Enjoy, comment, be safe. 'Til next.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Death By Cheese-a poem by me~

Wells, ah wrote a little poem...

~~Death By Cheese~~

It was a beautiful day--started off fine,
Until Senna decided to grab a cup of wine.

After that she went to the kitchen for a treat,
And her fate was something she'd never thought to meet.

She asked the cook for cheese and he gave it to her quick,
But it slipped through her fingers before she even got in a lick.

As it fell through the air and dropped to the floor,
The cheesy purity was no more.

Now feeling awful for what she had just done,
Senna reached in her purse and she pulled out a gun.

"Oh gods good Sister, this round you win,
I shall go down to hell and pay for my sin."

With those last few words she held the gun to head,
Finally ending her short life with a bullet of lead.

So her body lie there--motionless and still,
Until her sister came to discover the kill.

"Oh please don't let this be true, have her live,
To have her alive again there's nothing I wouldn't give."

With that Dear Sarnon had the gun in her hand,
Squeezing the trigger to take her to that underground land.

They ended up together --happy and well,
As both the sisters danced about down in hell.


So ah hope y'all liked ma poem, ah hope ta put more up. Ah have a few more...

From mah view~

Mah friend asked me to write her somethin', somethin' about me. So ah did, but she said it was ta be from mah view of things, so tha's what ah did. Enjoy...

Sadly she ended up saying the first one was too deep to work >.>

I see the world through my eyes, and no one Else's. Other people see it from their views but those are different to mine. Life is there, so live it, I say. Also, why should you be anyone but yourself? You can be no more and no less then that who you are, so just accept it and live it to your best. I see people as weird, when they would see me as weird, where as I am just me. Some things fascinate me and others bore me, simple, I know. Yet that is all there is. There are the bright things that catch my eyes, things that will make me think, and the rare things that I ignore. If something is the same as other things, even people, I won't even give it a second look. If you've seen it once, why look again?

So ah wrote her another one, a simpler one that described more about me, yet was also deep.

If you were me and I were you, then who would need to guess? Why not just see that I like pie and then go away and never come back. Just don't steal my shoes, my sweater or worse, my pie or story. If I could kick you during school, your ass would hurt like hell, but if you challenge me to wrestling, I'll take you down. So beware my tricks and sweet Ipod, for not is all as it seems, Fool.

Once again, enjoy, comment, and whatever else yah feel like doin'. But this one mah friend seemed to like, even though she liked both of 'em. ( =

A little wise wisdom from meh~

As ah have just discovered, ah am actually very deep. What with all mah advice about life and ect. Ah never really knew this though, until ma friend came with a problem of not liking life how it was for her at the time. So as ah am, ah gave her somethings to think about.

But tha's just how ah am. So ah say, why not share a little of it with y'all and post it? Are yah up to hearin' it then? Good luck ( =

You are only but yourself, no one else. You were not made from a mold of other's expectations, but from the mold of your own feelings and attitude.
You should express yourself and accept who you are, not try to be what other people want to you be, but only be yourself.
A person can only be themselves. They can be no more and no less, so make the best of your life and live it to the fullest, enjoy and savour every moment and always remember, if things get low and dark, they will always brighten again. So stick into it for the whole ride, don't get off halfway.

So there is mah wisdom, enjoy and think about it. Maybe ah'll write some more fors yah later = P

'Til then, take care y'all!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

This is a post, to mah blog~The first one~~

Might ah just welcome yah to mah...amazing blog.

First of all, ah would like to tell a little bit about myself.

Ah love pie.

Wells, that's it really, ah hope to make more entries.

Tata for nows peoples!~