Thursday, October 28, 2010


So the other weekend I went and modeled some masks and crowns for my friends store. In no way was it normal, but in many ways was it awesome.

Getting to wear the white mask in the picture above was my highlight. That's for sure. Also popping on the giant velvet cloak was amazing. But those are not even the best parts.

I got paid in cookies!

I know, good price for a model, huh? And I think next up I get to wear a fancy dress and prance all around Shakespeare (the town) in it while pictures are taken! This should be good, and by good, I mean entirely and stupendously awesome.

Aside from that, I'm just modeling my Halloween costume tomorrow. Perhaps I'll pull one f those deep-in-thought poses with an additional far-away-wistful-gaze. Oh yeah, that would work.

Nonetheless, I should sleep and such silliness like that. Well, read, actually! Catching Fire. Amazing book.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Never thought I'd admit it, but it does hurt.
You know,
When you get rejected.
But more without them telling you to your face.
I guess...
It always hurts more when it's behind your back.
Especially when you get thinking...
'Hey, this could be fun.'
When deep down in your gut,
You know that you're wrong about it.
Even worse when you get your hopes up.
Now I know not to wait next time.
If there is a next time...
But I doubt that.
I'm done with this shit.

Monday, October 18, 2010

A sad,
Sad day.
Good god, what will they come up with next?
Some way to just...
Make all the teasing worse
And worse,
And so, so much worse
Than it could possibly be now.
But perhaps it is only
Because we refuse to give in?
So perhaps it would just be better if
We simply listened to them?
No, not at all what we were thinking originally.
Possibly something to consider, but just not now.
Not ready for anything like that yet,
I mean...
Who would want to date anyway?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
Welcome to forty-seventh Hunger Games! Gather round one and all to see the events that has graced our lovely capitol for seventy-three years! This year will be like any other, just as exciting but even more than the year before. New tributes from out 12 districts! Now I am pleased to announce the names of your tributes...

Just kidding, I don't know all the names by heart. Only a couple stuck in my mind. Thresh. Cato. Glimmer. Rue. 'Foxface'. And who can forget our heroine, Katniss, who's view we see how this whole "game" unfolds. Not to mention the boy who aids in it, helping her and hurting her. That boy with the bread, Peeta Mellark.

The Hunger Games are actually sport that is televised in The Capitol, and all over the distracts. After pollution destroyed the earth, Panem was created and made to work. With a single rebellion, The Hunger Games bloomed in order to show that it is the heart of Panem, the Capitol, has all the power over the rest.

How I would describe this game is... Just 24 kids between the ages of 12 and 18 go in. Names drawn at random from a box. Twelve districts. Two kinds from each district. One boy, on girl. What they go into is a man-made arena just for the games. An arena designed with cameras at every point to watch as the fight for survival unfolds.

Yes, 24 kids go in, but only one comes out alive.

Weeks are spent with the contestants being forced to kill each other off so that they can live to fear the tale, have their hair turn white from stress or even go crazy.

When Katniss is pitched into the games with Peeta, they have an interesting strategy, no matter how one-sided it is, it works. A lovely little love edge. True or false? Possibly both.

Things happen in the novel to tell you it is both true love and not, but it is all seen as how Katniss sees it and interprets things. Though, to my thankful relief, the whole book is not about love. Actions, fighting, planning, survival and pure instinct keep this book fueled until the end... and there you just find yourself grabbing for the second book: Catching Fire.

Personally, this is one my favourite books I have ever read. Bringing me to tears while on the bus, walking down the street, sitting in science class, eating in the cafeteria and at home in my room. I will read it over, and over, and over again and know it will catch me every single time.

Simply, I love it.

*cough* Book challenge book! *cough*

Now, I should be practicing flute.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Could it be?
No, no it really couldn't.
But it's real, I mean...
It has to be.
Perhaps it was just an after thought.
I mean,
The thought never occurred to me before.
Now I just feel silly.
It's not like he would like me back
Or something like that.
No way,
Not in a million years.
Perhaps my friends were right.
Maybe he
Does like