Monday, November 23, 2009


Greetin's ya'll.

Ah have now chosen a topic for mah Independent Study at mah 'special school' (Accordin' ta other people, tha's wha' it's called) So ah chose somethin' fun an' somethin' ah love!


Do yah read me? Ah have chosen a totally awesome topic. Do yah agree? If so, comment sayin' yah do, or anythin' ah could study up on with colours.

Now if yah think this is the most idiotic thin' yah have ever herd someone (In this case, read) say! Tell mah an' maybe suggest a better topic. Bring it on.

'Til next!


  1. lol... i luv it..... ;)


  2. hey, its me again...
    i need a place to just kinda talk about stuff on your blog...
    kinda like a chatroom, or just a place to comment on the entire site
    if you can make that, do it
    BTW QK says ninjas wreck your vote on your blog...
    til next time,

  3. You still need a comment box or a chatroom or sumtin... ;-)
    Speakin'of all dat web tok and stuff, check this out. And explore the page a bit too, it gets interesting...
    just copy this into the typiung thingit:
    trust me... you'll enjoy it... knowiny you...

  4. just a question....
    wuts the name of that game you wuz talkin about?
    the text based wierd one???

  5. (\___/) |
    (+'.'+) |__
    (")_(") |__| |_| |\| |\| \/

    -swiney... lol

  6. oops! lol total fail...
    the thingy above is supposed to look like a bunny... but i guess this comment thingy just doesn't like me.....!


  7. WIFE! (And yes, it is who you think it is!) I made a blog, and I follow you. I think you shall do the same. :D