Sunday, November 1, 2009


He topped his head with his hat and buttoned up his coat. It was indeed a dark and stormy night. He smiled to himself as he walked down the side of the road, kicking aside the leaves as he went. All had went smoothly, and exactly how he had been planning it. Well, not actually perfect as he had thought it had been. He had left one fatal telling of the deed he had been doing up at the mansion.
The body was still there.

There be the first of mah story tha' ah'm writin' for tha' writers month thin'! Ah hope it'll turn out good.

'Till next.


  1. i love it! you'll win swiney! ;-)

  2. lmao first comment! or... second now but my other was first... ;-)

  3. for the youth section of NaNoWriMo