Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sick Day--RENT

Alright. I admit it. I'm sick.

No, that is not a good reason to not blog, so I feel I should. Even though I'm still sick, and feeling horrible, and my hair is currently green. I guess it is a reflection of the feeling in my stomach. Fun.

The week was uneventful, but the very, very, very unfortunate thing is... I got the sickness on the day of my last show of RENTRENT is a fantastic musical with upbeat, modern music. It will not have you falling asleep during it. And let me tell you, the music is not easy, and neither are the harmonies. Some points in the music, there will be five scenes going on--at the same time.

In this story, there is no specific bad guy like in most Disney classics. I suppose RENT is not for everyone. There are gay couples, and language that may offend young ears. When Jonathan Larson wrote RENT, he did not intend for the stage to be used realistically. Characters changing to become another character, one object being used to represent another.

I find that the story was confusing when I first watched it, so I had to go over it another time, and things really made sense when my director explained parts to us. When I really understood it, I found I could enjoy the musical far more.

Although I could go and explain the entire show to you, I think I'll just... not. But at one moment it will be having on the verge of tears, then suddenly it will seem like a party. You can't call RENT a tragedy, or romance, or comedy, but it's some of all of them. And personally, I love it.
So I was in my RENT workshop/rehearsal thingy for two weeks straight. Getting up at 6am, and getting home around 6pm. Over 9 hours a day. Longer than school! But we put that baby together.
We had 4 shows, and my sickness came the night after the third one. On the morning of the fourth show, I was up around 4am and pacing around the house. My head hurt, and my stomach was worse. Uhg.
But, I went on stage anyway. The whole cast was saying I was being "A Little Trooper", which was kind of true. I moved around less on the stage than normal, and fixed where I went so I could sit and lean on things. Otherwise... I would have fallen over for sure.
But! I had a great costume. Picture it. Black, fluffy, knee-length coat. Bright red pants. Red shoes. A black hat with a red feather. Hell, I looked like a pimp. Ironically (and awesomely) I did do some pimping in-character.
All in all, I'm pooped after these two weeks, and I need to step up my reading and reviewing.

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