Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Piercing, Falling and Laughing

Here we see an ear. Imagine that is now my ear. Not my left ear, but my right ear. Now, you see that funny red thing? It should be grey, but I made it red so it would show better.

That is my new cartilage piercing--that my brother did for me... for a fee. Jerk? I know.

Anyway, my parents were probably against it, but I got it. The jewellery is a 'horseshoe ring' which looks like a horse shoe with little balls on the ends. I'm not only going to tell you this pointless information about my ear, but I will add on the story of what happened. (Even though my mom's gunna be reading this for sure.)

So I get an IM reading:

lemme pierce yur ear cuz im bored

So... I went upstairs because it was my bro who sent me the message. He was laughing, of course, and I grabbed the jewellery he had picked me up earlier in the week.

Now, I trust my bro to hell about this because he has more piercings than I can care to count, and I've seen him give a couple, too. Actually, I saw him give my friends the same piercing I was going to get. They had wanted me to get it when they were there... but thank jeepers they weren't here for it!

After that, my bro set up his normal station while I was just there, sitting on the folded down toilet seat. He asked me the usual: "Mom's not gonna flip when she sees you got this right?" I give the obvious reply: "Psshhhhh, noooooo." And that worked and was true as far as I know. As long as I keep cleaning it, I think she won't mind too much.

So I learned right then that Sea Salt + Water + Ear Spoon = Happy, clean piercing

Right, so I was just sitting there and trying not to stare at the needle that would be going right through my ear. It was like 3 inchs long. Scary stuff. Now, this isn't like a sewing needle, this needle is hollow because it punches right through the cartilage. So I was all like, "Wheeee, this'll be fuuuuun!"

I had no idea how right I was at that thought! Onward with my story, I closed my eyes and my bro put this clamp on my ear to hold it steady. So he was all like, "Whenever you're ready." So of course I was like, "Count it!" so he was like, "1... 47... 94!" and then I was like "GASP"!

I'm kidding, it didn't hurt at all really. Mine didn't really bleed either. So I stood up to check my new piercing in the mirror when the headrush hit me. My brother said it was from my blood pressure dropping which shocked my body.

Spots flooded my vision and I felt odd, I dunno why, but I walked toward the door. So, my brother was talking to me, but my hearing was all weird and ringing and shit, and he was asking me if I was going to puke. I didn't up chuck, but I did turn bone white.

I kinda also... fell over. Like, all my sense of direction and steadyness was gone. I didn't move, the world tilted and I just went with it!

I could just tell my bro was laughing, but he told me I landed directly in the bath tub, so there's a win for me! You know, that headrush just kept getting worse.

It was like when the pressure in your ears changes, and it actually gets painful and it's harder to hear, and when your vision gets all spotty after rubbing your eyes too hard. Now imagine that five or six times worse.

I didn't fall over after that, but just gave up and went back to my seat on the toilet seat cover. I was laughing most of this time because... it was exactly like something I would do, and I felt pretty weird.

It was pretty awesome, but I'm sure I hit my head on the tub beause my head hurt afterward. >_> Luckily, when I fell, I didn't feel a thing.

Note: this was my fist piercing, but I think I handled it better than how my bro handled his first piercing. Jeeze, he started turning blue.

Anyway, until my next stupid thing.


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  1. Oh, that must have sucked!

    I saw you on Read, Remember, Recommend Challenge, and thought I'd stop bye and say hi!