Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's here...

The time is finally come to now.
You ready for the scariest day of all?
Did you get your costume yet?
Still time to visit the mall.
Do you really think your ready?
Or will all the fright get to you?
You could hide from it for the whole time.
Maybe even lock yourself in the lou.
Is that the true spirit of Halloween though?
I think you know it's not.
So I say you should stick around for the entire show.



  1. lolol (lots of laughs out loud) from swiney friend

  2. and BTw i wuz tryin to post a comment on your fav quotes but couldn't so I will here: the cake isn't exactly a lie. It shows one when u beat the game... lol tho -Swiney Friend

  3. also love the last quote -swine