Thursday, June 3, 2010

Daemon Hall

One of my all-time favourite books. Daemon Hall by Andrew Nance.

A thrilling read and page flipped. I could barely put it down, no joke. I read through recess. And math. And science. I wish I could have read it through gym too.

With a creepy tale to tell about a Horror Novelist writer Ian Tremblin and five aspiring horror writers. The five teenagers entered a contest by submitting there short stories, which are told by each teen in candle light, and they are all taken with the famous author to a supposedly haunted mansion. Daemon Hall. A mysterious house with murder and insanity in its history.

From the point-of-view from one of the five teens, Wade, the text unfolds with creeps and chills in every chapter. The six people must try and survive the house's twists and turns of horror while telling the ten stories to finish the contest and try to leave the mansion safe and still alive. Is a contest worth dying for?

I must say that this book gives me the slightest creeps. I love it and recommend to anyone who can handle a spooky story. I strongly suggest reading this book alone, in candle light, no sounds in the room, and all in one sitting.

It is not a frightfully long book, so this can be done easily, and I tell you, it pays off. I read it outside on my deck nearing midnight and it gave me the goosebumps all over my arms. I loved it!

This book also happens to be part of the Book Challenge I am currently working on.

Happy reading t'y'all!


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