Friday, June 25, 2010

Someone Like You

Someone Like You is a book. This book was written by Sarah Dessen.

A sum up:

This book is about Two girls and their lives as friends in another high school year. There is Halley (The book is from her point of view) and her best friend, Scarlett. Ever since the two had met, they had been the best of friends. Halley always more to the quiet side while Scarlett was more outgoing.

During the summer Scarlett acquired a new boyfriend. The mysterious Michael Sherwood. Soon after Sherwood is killed in a motorcycle accident, Scarlett finds herself pregnant with his kid.

Through this book you follow the new hardship in Scarlett's life and in Halley's. What with Halley drifting further from her mother. The Mother who had been closer than any best friend just before the summer. But it all changed. It all changed along with her relationship status. She fell in with Macon Faulkner, a boy with a reputation for trouble.

What I really thought:

Just from reading this book, I can safely say that I will never ever read another Sarah Dessen book.

Sure, my friends told me the book was "a bit confusing at the start" and that it "got better as you went on." As I soon found out, they were very, very wrong on one thing.

I found this book had the perfectly bad ending to a confusing start and a truly awful middle chunk. I don't know what most girls see in Sarah Dessen books, but I'm not looking again. I will not read any other book by her unless forced to.

Why? This book was not a good read. I don't know how it managed to get an award. I don't even know why you would pay $10.00 for this.

The beginning was vague, worded badly, and plain old confusing. The story started to build up and I was hoping for the book to get better. It was starting to until the real "climax" started. Get this:

A girl having her dead boyfriend's baby at prom.

Please explain to me how this is a good ending to a book. Along with all the loose ends that needed to be tied up. What about the mother? What about Scarlett's mom? What happens with Halley and Macon? Every question I had was not answered. As I said before, I will never read another book by this author.

Why, oh why did I read this book? For my book challenge of course! I can mark this off and then toss the book for the nothingness it's worth. Or just return it to my friend.


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