Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hearts At Stake

An absolutely fabulous and thrilling read written by Alyxandra Harvey. Hearts at Stake, the first installment of The Drake Chronicles.

In a loose follow of the classic Snow White story, Solange has been destine to become a vampire queen since birth, the only female vampire to be born in her family, not made. With her best friend, Lucky (Better known as Lucy) and her seven protective older brothers, Solange comes to face crazed vampire suitors, queens, vampire hunters and more. When I was reading this book, I couldn't help but think of the quote 'All we are is dust in the wind' because it ironically relates to the book. Vampires do, after all, turn into dust when they die.

I was so exited to read this book after meeting the author herself and hearing her read the Prologue aloud to those who gathered. I sure was right to be excited for this read. I could hardly put it down. Caught in class numerous times for reading, going to bed late at night so as to finish a chapter. I would call it spellbinding.

I must call this one of my favourite books now, and I shall be waiting for the next book Blood Feud which comes out in June. By that time, I am sure I'll have gotten most, if not all, my friends to read the first book. I would say that all should consider reading the book, especially teens. This book blows Twilight far out of the picture.

This book also contained one thing that just pushed me to read on more-and-more. There was fencing in it. A sport I dearly adore and just love to do! It made the book for me, and I couldn't help but laugh with glee when I noticed that detail. Cheers!

And really, it's not even too romantic to handle!


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  1. Glad that we got you this one and even had it signed by the author.