Friday, May 28, 2010

Wreck More Journal, Second Installment

Another entry about my Journal! Written by the fabulous Keri Smith. The original journal is the clean one on the left. My journal is the one on the right, with the band aids and the hole in it.

I did indeed drill a hole through my journal. Why would I do that? I needed a good way to carry it around!

Another day where I skipped school. So blogging was what I wanted to do today. To update on my Journal.

As you can see, above this text, my book got a Boo-boo. It happened when working on a page. My friends helped me with the page of destruction. In the process, my journal was hurt, thus; a band aid. May my Journal heal quickly.

This one was fun. Plain old fun. To scribble wildly, violently and with reckless abandon. With many pens from my pencil case, and right after a math test, this scribbling was done and done good. Colours ranging from orange to blue to pink, purple and green, light and dark were used. I just wish I could scribble more often.

Rub Dirt Here. Silly, messy and done courtesy of my friend from class. It was a goofy thing to do and I was laughing with delight. A new plan was formed with this page too, my dog, Atreyu (See what he has done), need to have muddy paws so I can put a nice, muddy paw print on the blank part of this page. Would be cute.

Here is a link to another of my blogger friends doing her own Wreck This Journal. This is Marie's most recent post on it, and I have to say I adore what she did to the title page.

Anyway, I should read a book. And wreck some more of one.



  1. And I thought my journal was getting beat up! Wow! Nice work. I really like the scribble page. Thanks for the link.

  2. i have the journal as well and i enjoy it but disagry that you skiped school for it lol.

  3. hay me too love keri smith i even love her other books too my journal looks prity bad but not as bad as yours