Friday, May 7, 2010

In Class

Due to the fact that I am in class and should not be blogging, I feel sincerely obliged to do such. With the choice to play a simple game at a pointless website or do something even less meaningful at another pointless website, I decided, since we do have a substitute teacher, that I shall blog. The only logical thing to do, huh?

Sadly I am typing on a MAC keyboard, thus my rate of words is slower than usual. Within recent news, I have done not much, been reading for my book challenge, arguing with the teachers and greatly causing a fuss. 

Onto my next point.


The thing that you spend the youthful part of your life doing. What comes of it? Learned knowledge. Sure, you can read, you can spell, but when they start to teach you sigh language in FRENCH I draw the line. Across that line you have now stepped to see that it is pure idiocy.

Onward and forward with my rant I shall rag on the new thing that has been shown to me. Being scared out of anything to do with drug and or the horrifying topic of sex. Gross. Who wants to have it anyway? You shouldn't be scaring us out of having it them bluntly tell us, I quote, "I am scaring you out of it so that you will not do it."

Now something that just happened and brought a brief smile to my face. The substitute teacher walked right up behind me and went to skim my little post I am writing. She asked what I was doing. I told her, "I'm blogging." She asked in response, "why?" So, again, I told her, "I haven't blogged for a while, and you told me to do something on the computer, thus; I do." She accepted it and walked away. I laughed.

So, with asking of name, mentioning of back-talking and a pat on the shoulder, things came to a close end of  the class time before track and field then shall come. Yes, gym class is coming present with the all hated and dreaded running the track. Along with running long jump and getting sand in my shoes. 

I feel I have nothing to talk of currently, so why not talk about what is happening? Again, I was asked what I was doing and why I wrote just what happened, with another simple explanation of this being my blog and, well, partially about me, I replied to her. Simple, huh? With plans for tonight of my all loved and adored "Book cult" with close friends of mine. I shall tell more of the "Book cult" soon. 

For now, I should get going and, well, return to doing nothing.


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  1. The truth and nothing but the truth ma'am. It works.