Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ah wen' campin' on the weekend, an' guess wha'? Where ah was campin' they were actually filmin' the movie 'CampRock2'. Fun fun eh?

When we was walkin' along one of the paths, ah saw this awesome spot just filled with autumn coloured leaves...sadly...they was fake leaves. Ah had thought it was so pretty, until mah mumm pointed out they were fake. We grabbed a bunch of 'em anyway. Maybe ah can sell 'em on the inter-web for a bunch of money! If any of ya'll are interested in buying some, or jus' want some, tell meh. ( =

So ah am actually goin' back to tha' camp sire while they will be filmin'. Ah'll try ta get some pictures an' have some fun. Ah also wan'ta take ma friend, ah'm bribin' her with Oreo cookies.

So yeah, ah found it as quite strange ta find those leaves, but also pretty funny.

So yes, it was quite funny as ah found that fall had come early. lol.

Enjoy, comment, be safe. 'Til next.

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  1. HOPE YOU HAVE fun when you return and maybe you will see them filming.