Friday, September 18, 2009

Death By Cheese-a poem by me~

Wells, ah wrote a little poem...

~~Death By Cheese~~

It was a beautiful day--started off fine,
Until Senna decided to grab a cup of wine.

After that she went to the kitchen for a treat,
And her fate was something she'd never thought to meet.

She asked the cook for cheese and he gave it to her quick,
But it slipped through her fingers before she even got in a lick.

As it fell through the air and dropped to the floor,
The cheesy purity was no more.

Now feeling awful for what she had just done,
Senna reached in her purse and she pulled out a gun.

"Oh gods good Sister, this round you win,
I shall go down to hell and pay for my sin."

With those last few words she held the gun to head,
Finally ending her short life with a bullet of lead.

So her body lie there--motionless and still,
Until her sister came to discover the kill.

"Oh please don't let this be true, have her live,
To have her alive again there's nothing I wouldn't give."

With that Dear Sarnon had the gun in her hand,
Squeezing the trigger to take her to that underground land.

They ended up together --happy and well,
As both the sisters danced about down in hell.


So ah hope y'all liked ma poem, ah hope ta put more up. Ah have a few more...

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