Friday, September 18, 2009

A little wise wisdom from meh~

As ah have just discovered, ah am actually very deep. What with all mah advice about life and ect. Ah never really knew this though, until ma friend came with a problem of not liking life how it was for her at the time. So as ah am, ah gave her somethings to think about.

But tha's just how ah am. So ah say, why not share a little of it with y'all and post it? Are yah up to hearin' it then? Good luck ( =

You are only but yourself, no one else. You were not made from a mold of other's expectations, but from the mold of your own feelings and attitude.
You should express yourself and accept who you are, not try to be what other people want to you be, but only be yourself.
A person can only be themselves. They can be no more and no less, so make the best of your life and live it to the fullest, enjoy and savour every moment and always remember, if things get low and dark, they will always brighten again. So stick into it for the whole ride, don't get off halfway.

So there is mah wisdom, enjoy and think about it. Maybe ah'll write some more fors yah later = P

'Til then, take care y'all!

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