Friday, September 18, 2009

From mah view~

Mah friend asked me to write her somethin', somethin' about me. So ah did, but she said it was ta be from mah view of things, so tha's what ah did. Enjoy...

Sadly she ended up saying the first one was too deep to work >.>

I see the world through my eyes, and no one Else's. Other people see it from their views but those are different to mine. Life is there, so live it, I say. Also, why should you be anyone but yourself? You can be no more and no less then that who you are, so just accept it and live it to your best. I see people as weird, when they would see me as weird, where as I am just me. Some things fascinate me and others bore me, simple, I know. Yet that is all there is. There are the bright things that catch my eyes, things that will make me think, and the rare things that I ignore. If something is the same as other things, even people, I won't even give it a second look. If you've seen it once, why look again?

So ah wrote her another one, a simpler one that described more about me, yet was also deep.

If you were me and I were you, then who would need to guess? Why not just see that I like pie and then go away and never come back. Just don't steal my shoes, my sweater or worse, my pie or story. If I could kick you during school, your ass would hurt like hell, but if you challenge me to wrestling, I'll take you down. So beware my tricks and sweet Ipod, for not is all as it seems, Fool.

Once again, enjoy, comment, and whatever else yah feel like doin'. But this one mah friend seemed to like, even though she liked both of 'em. ( =

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