Thursday, September 24, 2009


As ah have come ta find through the last few evil weeks, technology hates meh... Why it does, ah have no clue... But it does all the same. Why meh? Huh? Can't yah hate the Face of Death or Stinky instead? WHY MEH?! What have ah done ta deserve this?


Oh, stupid question... t(-_-t) "Forgive meh oh great computers..."

The poor DVD player, the colour printer...and tha' lonely little computer mouse, an' many others. They all suffered at the tip O'meh screwdriver an' other tools. As they now rest in pieces, we mourn their long, actually short, lives with tears of regret. They was beautiful machines an' shall be up in computer heaven.

So ah guess this would be pay back for the crimes ah have done... But why NOW of all times?! Geepers...

Anyways, 'til next... Well uh...if mah laptop, Nevil, actually lets meh get back onta meh blog again tha' is... We can hope eh? Catch y'all later!

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