Thursday, April 22, 2010


This is the thing that has come into my household, took a dump on my Guitar Hero Guitar, left a brown gift on the carpet in my room, slobbered everywhere, ripped up some of my favourite things, driven me to the edge of insanity and back again... This is Atreyu. My dog.

No more words can be used to describe him exactly, he is a ball of fur, whining and horrible annoyance. You could call him a dog. You could name him to be a faithful companion. You could address him as a great change to our house and lives. You could just as easily call him the most annoying pet to have ever lived. Yet we love him, still. I don't get it either.
Now, this is what he has done.

See the scene of horror that was my desk, my lovely, organized, untouched which I am avoiding the use of it until cleaning and fixing of my poor, loved, broken tea cup. It was innocent, and pink.
I thought the Caution Tape ironically appropriate for that which happened. This was indeed a scene of crime.

The dog also targeted my door, the very door that leads into my room.

I, personally, love my door and the decoraions on it, but I do have to admit, this just added a certain look I liked to it. The Caution Tape on my door was ripped roughly around where there is the door knob. My Dad went to rip it off and throw it out, but I was like, "No! Leave it." So, yeah.

That's what happened.


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  1. you didn't mention the pool of dog drool on your window ledge. ew. icky. I'm not cleaning it up.