Friday, April 23, 2010


Around the beginning of Fang I was all like, "ROTFLOL!" Then in the middle of the book I was all like, "OMFG!" Then at the end of the book... I was all like, *DEADPAN*.

Fang, the most recent installment of the Maximum Ride book series. With the flock building up over the past few books we come to meet the six winged children. Max, Iggy and Fang, being the oldest. Nudge being next, then Gasman and Angel. In this book the flock has expended with the talking dog, Total who has his own pair of wings and love interest, Akila. There is also Max's mom, and Jeb, the scientist who raised the six kids in the flock.

Now, in this one, more trouble happens when Max goes to save the world, one person at a time. With trying to save people in Chad Africa, meeting Dylan (the newest, teen, hunky, eye-candy, winged kid), The seeming kind Dr. Hans Gunther-Hagen, Fang and Angel's new feelings and fleeing, and a crazy trip to Las Vegas, the flock has to deal with all sorts of new things that are wild and dangerous.

Like the rest of the books in the series, I was very fond of this one, especially the newest character. A sweet, hunky teen who could possibly be described as the single hottest guy on earth. (Why must all the good ones be fictional?) And his name is Dylan. The heart-throb came now into the flocks life, created just for Max to become an item with, but, Mac still loves Fang.

So, I thought this was a good book, really sucked me into it, had me crying, again, like usual. But the ending, OHHHHHH the ending. A cliff hanger brought on by one of my favourite characters ever! They just went up and-- Oh, wait, I shouldn't ruin it for you.

Really, you should read the series sometime, it is excellent. Check it out at

Enjoy, I know I did.


  1. good review. Thanks for sharing.