Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Babble


I know this will happen to us all every once in a while, but you freak out at a book and say something like, "No. No, you can not do that. No, they will not die. No! This can't be right! I don't accept this at all!" And then you put the book down and give it dirty looks. Sometimes you even complain to the book, make faces at it or other, evil things when you do not enjoy the part. I, in knowing of how people react to books, do this all the time. Crying in class is a common one for me, grinning, smiling, laughing, snickering and the works of emotion.

What brought about my thought on the matter was my Mom. She reads, she quilts, she does everything, even stops a book while listening to the reading of it and complains to me about how the main character can not die. I'm just a kid, and, yeah, she says it to me. I understand what she means though, you can't kill a main character off when the book isn't even close to ending. Well, unless it's Catching Fire or The Hunger Games, those books have to kill off people. Well, kids... Anyway.

My Mom was chatting on-and-on about this one girl in her book who was supposedly going to die, but it turned out that she didn't die! How did we even guess that might be the outcome? Books are just twisting and turn in every direction, messing with you and sucking you in. Isn't it awesome?


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