Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pepsi+Coca Cola+2 Computers+Kellie+YouTube

An update on the regular life and such would be what I did today. I did nothing really special. Well, not special to you, but awesome for me. I got to finally see my close friend, Kellie. It has been far too long since I last saw her, New Years. But, New Years was a whole different story. (One that includes pulling an all-nighter and Ghetto Mario games)

This time I arrived at Kellie's house to her complaining about the cold air, and not too later after I compared my head to air as, "my head is about as airy as the oxygen in the air." So, of course, Kellie responded with, "there is oxygen in the air?" At that point, I burst out laughing.

Now, I had brought 'Smart Cookies' which were ironically named because Kellie couldn't fit hers into the glass, so could not dunk it in her milk. Where as I had already broke my cookie and had therefor drained my glass of milk and demolished the poor cookie. Did I mention the cookies were on sticks? That was awesome. (My mom bought them earlier that day)

So with our cookies finished, we played Roller Coaster Tycoon 3... and let the ride go flying off the rails into the sky, ponds, and pavement. It was all around amusing and had us laughing until we were breathless. Then it was onto making Sims on her version and creating a very nice Bio for one of them. It was based around having a very complicated relationship with her Boyfriend.

Now, as I write, Kellie is tuning her guitar, which is odd because there is no sixth string on it. Before such events, we were listening to YouTube songs and videos, making random comments and laughing a lot. I mean a lot.

Kellie's laptop then just decided to... die on her while she was having a serious conversation about badgers, and it shut off because of her crappy music. (Plus her crappy guitar playing) So then it was up to me to find the crappy song and play it on the other computer. Here is the song -- Very random, I know.

Next to happen, of course, involved the 2L bottle of Coca Cola. Kellie couldn't open it no matter how hard she tried, so I grabbed it, opened it. She asked if I was going to pour the Coke for her, too. So, obviously, I did that next. Her expression was priceless, but then we burst out laughing, once again. But we did not spill the Coke.

Afterward came the snapping contest between Kellie and myself while listening to Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. Obviously Kellie won. I am horrible at snapping, couldn't do it to save my own hat.

Now to end this ever-so-long-and-ever-so-excruciatingly-long Blog Post.

What the... How the... Screw it.

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