Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ah noticed somethin' quite terrible last night after ah couldn't breath through mah nose... ah felt like ah was totally sick! But what ah realized is tha', walkin' your dog around town after it was rainin' on a cold-ish day in bare feet an' no sweater was NOT a good idea!

The other thing ah noticed was...Mah dog is awesome! 'Cause we totally walked ta the school, an' there is like this giant clock thing on the pavement, numbers an' all tha' we like, played games on when was little.

Well, mah dog went pee on the number 5! So ah was all like, "Dude! My dog can tell time!" So like, can y'all guess wha' time it was right then? Huh? Can yah? Ah bet yah can't!

The audience shouts out, "Was it 5O'clock?!"

I laugh at the bad guess.

No, it wasn't five PM, it was seven PM! = O No waayyy!!!

It may have been around seven PM here... But it sure was five Pm in Calgary! Yeah, mah dog is tha' amazin'! Your jealous!! Laughs out loud. Y'all knows ah'm just kiddin' with yah. Ah know none of yah would be jealous of me!

'Til next y'all

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