Thursday, October 29, 2009

Nation Novel Writers Month.

From the day of November 1st ta the day of November 30th, ah shall be locked away, and typin' on mah trusty laptop, Nevil. Ah may keep updates for y'all on how mah story is comin' along, maybe not, maybe ah'll just be too busy to even blog! Tha' would be terrible though! Ah'm already plottin' somethin' awesome in mah head for this thin'. It shall go down in history!

Maybe mah book will be published! Ah'll have ta come up with some amazin' twists and characters. Ah may actually not put in mah favourite character of all time though. Jason Miller. Bwahahahahaha! T'is mah favourite character tha' ah have ever made up. He's tha' bad guy tha' carries around a baseball bat! ( =

Ah guess y'all will jus' have ta wait an' see how this all turns out! Maybe ah'll put some of my story on the blog for y'all ta see how ah write, an' so y'all can tell meh how much ah suck at writin'! Woo!

'Til next!


  1. I'm glad you're joining in the fun of NaNo.

    This is my sixth year. I just can't stay away.

    Take care and I hope you have a lot of fun.


  2. Yeah, it's gunna be bucket loads of fun ah say! An' if yah've been doin' it for so long, it's gotta be fun! Ah can't wait ta see wha' kinda stuff will come out of it.

    Have fun with it this year too.

    Lota lurv! Shan~