Wednesday, October 7, 2009

<(?_?<) Question Monster

Would y'all like ta know how The Question Monster came ta life?

The crowd calls out loudly, "No!"

Okay, okay. Yah don' have ta ask so loudly! Ah'd lurv ta tell y'all how he became wha' he is today.

Yah see, ah was playin' this weird game, and it's like text based. Called Castle Marrach. ( = But, ah typed this one word, an' it came up as some random word tha' ah didn't



Yeah, tha's the story. So, if yah can see the list at the side... So the right... No! Your other right... Yes, okay, yah got it. Well, the list of words for The Question Monster to eat. If yah know what any of those words mean, comment on this entry, type the word, then describe what it means to me. ( =

P.S. If yah wouldn't mind using small words in your explanation...tha' would be awesome. ( = Ah'm just not the brightest blueberry in the patch... an' ah have been told tha' many times... by unnamed people (Dakota) whom ah will not name (Dakota) 'cause ah wouldn't want people ta guess about who I'm not naming (Dakota) to be evil people...
~~No hard feelin's unnamed person (Dakota) Still lurv yah ( = ~~

'Til next!


  1. *ahem*

    Articulate - Clear, Precise. It's usually used as an adjective.
    (example: To speak articulately, is to speak clearly.)

    Atonement - To make amends, or a reparation for a wrong doing. Basically, you're apologizing.

    Euphony - A sound that is pleasing to the ear. A nice sound.

    Necrophiliac - Means you wanna fuck dead people.

    Portmanteau - Fancy word for suitcase.

    Snarky - To be testy or irritable. (Someone who pisses someone else off)

    Traipses - Walking aimlessly, never finding your destination or goal.

    Hope that satisfies you Shannon. ~Much Love, Dakota 'Virendra' Davidson.

  2. Thanks yah for clearin' tha' up, My Unnamed friend (Dakota). An' was usin' wee-little words tha' hard? Ah didn' think so!

    Lurv yah, Shannon~