Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rape in History Class?

Well, yah see, it was a normal history class, an' Mr.Lambert was writtin' some stuff on the board. Wha' causes conflicts often. So he was makin' the list...

~~~~Causes of Conflict~~~~

  • Disagreement
  • Religion
  • Money
  • Anger
  • Resources
  • Sex (>?_?<) -Even the Question Monster is baffled-
  • Land
  • Opinions
  • Power
  • Rights
  • Change
  • Beliefs

Ah was jottin' down the notes, an' ah saw 'SEX' on the board. Ah glanced at mah teacher. He had tha' straight face like usual. We were all like skickerin' an' gigglin'. So he turned to us an' ah put up mah hand. "Why did you put sex on the board?"

He answered in the most simple way he could have... "Well, sex causes a lot of conflicts..."

Tha' just sent the class laughin' like crazy. after tha', everythin' in tha' class just sounded like rape. Ah'm not even kiddin'.

In the book, it was explainin' the different ways conflicts could be resolved. An' for 'accommodation resolution' it said: 'The conflict is resolved when one person gives into the other person(s) and does what they want ever if it may not be pleasant or they may be angry about it, but they do not show how they really feel about what is happening.' Now don't tha' sound like rape ta yah? It does ta me!

Wells, tata! Tha' was a pertty random thin' ta talk about, but it was hilarious!

'Til next!

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