Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Textin' in class-SIN

Wow-wee! Such it is, quite terrible actually. Who knew yah would have yer cell phone in class! Wha' a tragic thin' ta keep in yer Wee-little pocket while yer teacher is talkin'. Then if it rings...Yer screwed! Bu' the thin' tha' happened in mah class was jus' epic!

Okay, so we was all sittin' against the wall for a stranger drill, yah know, where a strange person comes inta yer school? Well, this was jus' a practice! So don't fret kiddies.

Well, it was Dylan's cell tha' went off durin' this. Boris found it on the floor, an' he thought it was our teachers cell. So he wen' an' put the cell ON the TEACHER'S desk!

So when the drill was over, she saw it and read the message, it was from Dylan's ol' Giiiirrrrrl ffrrriieennddd. So our teacher actually texted her back! On his cell! It was bloody hilarious!

'Til next y'all!

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