Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine-Flu Soup~

Comin' ta y'all from someone who is totally infected! Maybe y'all will catch the piggy decease like ah did. Maybe not, fer yer sake, ah hope not. Ah do admit tha' ah made alot of jokes aboot this Swine Flu thin', ah didn't take it seriously one bit. At least ah don' have ta get the shot for it now!

On Thanksgivin', yah know, tha' holiday where yah and yer family all gather 'round a table an' eat turkey! Yeas, ah find it odd too. Eatin' turkey, the only real meat where yah HAVE ta sweeten it with some cranberry sauce, how lame eh? Yeah, we sure do some odd thin's here in this country.

Sos, anyway. We had all o'mah family over for dinner (So, jus' mah cousins) an' since we had all had us some turkey all the other days, we had some pork instead. So ah was survin' up some slices of Swine Flu for everyone there. Sent 'em all laughin' like crazy when ah said tha'!

So ah'm guessin' this is revenge for not takin' it seriously. Ah came down with some Swine Flu y'all!

So stay away from my Swine Flu stew.
Or any other piggy goo.
It's not really fun, so you better run,
when a piggy starts chasin' you!

'Til next! Let's hope I live for y'all so ah can keep up the blogs!


  1. Shannon,

    Hope you're feeling better soon!!!!! (From a blogger friend of your mom's :) )

  2. Awe, thanks yah! Ah'm already feelin' better, maybe ah won't grow a wee-little piggy tail after all! ( = Ah hope y'all keep away from the Swine Flu though!

  3. Feel better soon, and remember drink lots of liquids. (Yes, another blogger friend of your mom's) oink-oink :)

  4. Heh, thanks ta yah also, an' don' y'all fret, mah mum (Who seems quite famous ta me now) has been tellin' meh tha' ah can't stop drinkin' water an' stuff. Ah shall get better! Ah refuse ta die before ah write at least one book! = D

    Lurv yah! Shan~

  5. Aloha, Shannon.

    Please delete the three other comments I posted if they should suddenly appear. They appear to be getting waterlogged as they cross the ocean and they're sinking.

    One last try. :)

    I hope that you feel better soon. I'm over visiting from your mom's blog. Take good care of her, too.

    Sending a little "Maui Magic" your way for a speedy recovery.

    Kihei, Maui, Hawaii

  6. Heh, thanks yah for the magic, ah think ah needed tha'! Actually, ah'm magically feelin' better ah think... could it be tha' "Maui Magic" ah feel? *wink wink nudge nudge*

    Yeas, mah mom is really famous ah guess. Ah will take care of her, don' worry 'bout her. If she gets sick too, who will read all those books she 'as? An' those other comments may have sunk, but they may get the chance ta find treasure!

    Aloha y'all! Shan~

  7. Sup, Swiney... you know who it is. I sed i would look at your blog... and i did... so ya... .... ..... :(sigh): maybe I should stop now... lol

  8. ah ha... thats awesome... just read it now tho. A little late