Saturday, October 17, 2009

FootBall Fail~

In Gym class on Friday mah team was me, two othah girls, an' a guy who was good at catchin' the football. Our usual arguer o' the team, Callum, whom was also pertty good at football wasn't there, an' neither was our captain. So it was the four of us an' we was against a team of four people. Four GUYS might ah add. One was tha' tall ginger, another was the short athletic kid, then the really short gymnast an' then just the odd one. Yeah. Can yah guess the score?

0 - 35

Guess who won! Tha's right! They did! We didn't even get one touchdown. We gained 7 yards throughout the whole class of 30min, an' tha' was on our first play.

It was epic though, and ah'm not complainin'. It was jus' awesome. Maybe mah teams won't lose on Monday? Doubt it. It's fun anyway. The best part is all the arguing though, so wha' ever.

Enjoy 'til next.

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