Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's here...

The time is finally come to now.
You ready for the scariest day of all?
Did you get your costume yet?
Still time to visit the mall.
Do you really think your ready?
Or will all the fright get to you?
You could hide from it for the whole time.
Maybe even lock yourself in the lou.
Is that the true spirit of Halloween though?
I think you know it's not.
So I say you should stick around for the entire show.


Nation Novel Writers Month.

From the day of November 1st ta the day of November 30th, ah shall be locked away, and typin' on mah trusty laptop, Nevil. Ah may keep updates for y'all on how mah story is comin' along, maybe not, maybe ah'll just be too busy to even blog! Tha' would be terrible though! Ah'm already plottin' somethin' awesome in mah head for this thin'. It shall go down in history!

Maybe mah book will be published! Ah'll have ta come up with some amazin' twists and characters. Ah may actually not put in mah favourite character of all time though. Jason Miller. Bwahahahahaha! T'is mah favourite character tha' ah have ever made up. He's tha' bad guy tha' carries around a baseball bat! ( =

Ah guess y'all will jus' have ta wait an' see how this all turns out! Maybe ah'll put some of my story on the blog for y'all ta see how ah write, an' so y'all can tell meh how much ah suck at writin'! Woo!

'Til next!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swine-Flu Soup~

Comin' ta y'all from someone who is totally infected! Maybe y'all will catch the piggy decease like ah did. Maybe not, fer yer sake, ah hope not. Ah do admit tha' ah made alot of jokes aboot this Swine Flu thin', ah didn't take it seriously one bit. At least ah don' have ta get the shot for it now!

On Thanksgivin', yah know, tha' holiday where yah and yer family all gather 'round a table an' eat turkey! Yeas, ah find it odd too. Eatin' turkey, the only real meat where yah HAVE ta sweeten it with some cranberry sauce, how lame eh? Yeah, we sure do some odd thin's here in this country.

Sos, anyway. We had all o'mah family over for dinner (So, jus' mah cousins) an' since we had all had us some turkey all the other days, we had some pork instead. So ah was survin' up some slices of Swine Flu for everyone there. Sent 'em all laughin' like crazy when ah said tha'!

So ah'm guessin' this is revenge for not takin' it seriously. Ah came down with some Swine Flu y'all!

So stay away from my Swine Flu stew.
Or any other piggy goo.
It's not really fun, so you better run,
when a piggy starts chasin' you!

'Til next! Let's hope I live for y'all so ah can keep up the blogs!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


you look up to the white board, ready to take notes, but there isn't anything written there to take notes on. There is only one thing on the board you can see. Your eyes go wide with surprise at what is written. You hear laughing from beside you. You look to the desk beside you to see Shannon laughing like she had seen the funniest thing of her life. You look back to the board to make sure you read it right.

In big red letters you see...


How awesome, eh?

Textin' in class-SIN

Wow-wee! Such it is, quite terrible actually. Who knew yah would have yer cell phone in class! Wha' a tragic thin' ta keep in yer Wee-little pocket while yer teacher is talkin'. Then if it rings...Yer screwed! Bu' the thin' tha' happened in mah class was jus' epic!

Okay, so we was all sittin' against the wall for a stranger drill, yah know, where a strange person comes inta yer school? Well, this was jus' a practice! So don't fret kiddies.

Well, it was Dylan's cell tha' went off durin' this. Boris found it on the floor, an' he thought it was our teachers cell. So he wen' an' put the cell ON the TEACHER'S desk!

So when the drill was over, she saw it and read the message, it was from Dylan's ol' Giiiirrrrrl ffrrriieennddd. So our teacher actually texted her back! On his cell! It was bloody hilarious!

'Til next y'all!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

FootBall Fail~

In Gym class on Friday mah team was me, two othah girls, an' a guy who was good at catchin' the football. Our usual arguer o' the team, Callum, whom was also pertty good at football wasn't there, an' neither was our captain. So it was the four of us an' we was against a team of four people. Four GUYS might ah add. One was tha' tall ginger, another was the short athletic kid, then the really short gymnast an' then just the odd one. Yeah. Can yah guess the score?

0 - 35

Guess who won! Tha's right! They did! We didn't even get one touchdown. We gained 7 yards throughout the whole class of 30min, an' tha' was on our first play.

It was epic though, and ah'm not complainin'. It was jus' awesome. Maybe mah teams won't lose on Monday? Doubt it. It's fun anyway. The best part is all the arguing though, so wha' ever.

Enjoy 'til next.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Rape in History Class?

Well, yah see, it was a normal history class, an' Mr.Lambert was writtin' some stuff on the board. Wha' causes conflicts often. So he was makin' the list...

~~~~Causes of Conflict~~~~

  • Disagreement
  • Religion
  • Money
  • Anger
  • Resources
  • Sex (>?_?<) -Even the Question Monster is baffled-
  • Land
  • Opinions
  • Power
  • Rights
  • Change
  • Beliefs

Ah was jottin' down the notes, an' ah saw 'SEX' on the board. Ah glanced at mah teacher. He had tha' straight face like usual. We were all like skickerin' an' gigglin'. So he turned to us an' ah put up mah hand. "Why did you put sex on the board?"

He answered in the most simple way he could have... "Well, sex causes a lot of conflicts..."

Tha' just sent the class laughin' like crazy. after tha', everythin' in tha' class just sounded like rape. Ah'm not even kiddin'.

In the book, it was explainin' the different ways conflicts could be resolved. An' for 'accommodation resolution' it said: 'The conflict is resolved when one person gives into the other person(s) and does what they want ever if it may not be pleasant or they may be angry about it, but they do not show how they really feel about what is happening.' Now don't tha' sound like rape ta yah? It does ta me!

Wells, tata! Tha' was a pertty random thin' ta talk about, but it was hilarious!

'Til next!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

<(?_?<) Question Monster

Would y'all like ta know how The Question Monster came ta life?

The crowd calls out loudly, "No!"

Okay, okay. Yah don' have ta ask so loudly! Ah'd lurv ta tell y'all how he became wha' he is today.

Yah see, ah was playin' this weird game, and it's like text based. Called Castle Marrach. ( = But, ah typed this one word, an' it came up as some random word tha' ah didn't



Yeah, tha's the story. So, if yah can see the list at the side... So the right... No! Your other right... Yes, okay, yah got it. Well, the list of words for The Question Monster to eat. If yah know what any of those words mean, comment on this entry, type the word, then describe what it means to me. ( =

P.S. If yah wouldn't mind using small words in your explanation...tha' would be awesome. ( = Ah'm just not the brightest blueberry in the patch... an' ah have been told tha' many times... by unnamed people (Dakota) whom ah will not name (Dakota) 'cause ah wouldn't want people ta guess about who I'm not naming (Dakota) to be evil people...
~~No hard feelin's unnamed person (Dakota) Still lurv yah ( = ~~

'Til next!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ah noticed somethin' quite terrible last night after ah couldn't breath through mah nose... ah felt like ah was totally sick! But what ah realized is tha', walkin' your dog around town after it was rainin' on a cold-ish day in bare feet an' no sweater was NOT a good idea!

The other thing ah noticed was...Mah dog is awesome! 'Cause we totally walked ta the school, an' there is like this giant clock thing on the pavement, numbers an' all tha' we like, played games on when was little.

Well, mah dog went pee on the number 5! So ah was all like, "Dude! My dog can tell time!" So like, can y'all guess wha' time it was right then? Huh? Can yah? Ah bet yah can't!

The audience shouts out, "Was it 5O'clock?!"

I laugh at the bad guess.

No, it wasn't five PM, it was seven PM! = O No waayyy!!!

It may have been around seven PM here... But it sure was five Pm in Calgary! Yeah, mah dog is tha' amazin'! Your jealous!! Laughs out loud. Y'all knows ah'm just kiddin' with yah. Ah know none of yah would be jealous of me!

'Til next y'all